How To Dramatically Increase Conversion Rate For New Business LeadsIncrease Conversion Rate

  • Is your investment in online advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, banners, etc.) producing an anemic ROI?
  • Are you tired of wasting big bucks trying to generate quality new business leads?
  • We’ll DOUBLE Your Conversion Rate… Or You Don’t Pay Us!
  • Our breakthrough fusion of video technology and live chat engages prospects as never before to dramatically increase conversion rate for your website or landing page.


NO UPFRONT INVESTMENT! We Take ALL The Risk Until We At Least DOUBLE Your Current Conversion Rate On Click-Throughs To Generate Qualified Sales Leads


How It Works…


      1. We create a customized sales video script to connect with the prospect and lead them to a LIVE CHAT with a REAL PERSON – much less intimidating and more effective than expecting a prospect to call you, or even to leave personal information on a form (like you just experienced on this page).
    2. We record your custom video script with a professional spokesperson in a professional studio – HD quality.
        3. We silhouette to create an attention-grabbing, floating spokesperson that appears on top of your current landing page – no changes needed to your landing page. Spokesperson leads prospect to have a live chat with a real person to get answers to their questions.

Sales Lead Operator4. We provide 24/7 immediate access to our live operators who are highly trained to chat interactively with your prospect, following guidelines customized to your business to achieve the desired outcome – a qualified new business lead.


Our proprietary chat system is unlike any other in how we CONNECT with your prospect, collect information and motivate the prospect to welcome an immediate phone conversation with you (We cannot disclose our proprietary system here, but we will gladly discuss it with you when we talk).


Lower Cost Per Lead

5. We’ll take care of ALL the upfront costs – consulting, scripting, graphics, spokesperson fee, recording fee, Web programming, live chat software, customized operator training and 24/7 operator availability – at NO COST TO YOU until we PROVE to you that our exclusive service produces many more valuable leads than the low cost of our service.


Call us now toll-free 888-510-9450 for a no-obligation, no-hassle discussion of your situation. Or complete the form on the right sidebar and we’ll get back to you promptly.


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