Exclusive New Business Leads – How It Works…


Exclusive New Business Leads Nationwide 888-510-9450

Exclusive New Business Leads Nationwide 888-510-9450

My Hot Leads™ provides hot and Exclusive New Business Leads for local businesses without the risk.  Exclusive new business leads are 100% yours.  No sharing leads with competitors.  No agreement to sign.  No cash upfront.  You just pay as you go.


If you become dissatisfied with the leads, you just stop paying the bill.  Here’s how it works:


  • We agree on a fair win/win price per qualified lead.  Together we agree on what is needed to be considered a qualified lead (How many seconds long the call must be to be billable – so you can avoid billing for telemarketing calls, wrong numbers and have time to screen each call to ensure you can avoid being billed if the call is not a prospective inquiry call you want).
  • We direct each qualified inquiry phone call and email inquiry to you immediately – every lead is totally fresh.  Phone inquiries are transferred directly to you so you can answer questions and make an appointment in real time, when the prospect is totally engaged.  Or, if you are on another call or unavailable and the call goes to voicemail, you can receive an immediate text message and email to alert you to the prospect call so you can call back ASAP.   Email inquiries are sent to you within seconds of the prospect completing the inquiry form.
  • Then every Sunday night you receive a PayPal invoice for the qualified leads you received during the preceding week. Just pay the invoice and you receive more leads that week. If you’re not happy with the leads you received, just notify us that you want to stop receiving leads and we both move on without any further obligation.  It’s that simple.  No contract. And your leads are never sent to anyone else in your niche in your market as long as you continue to buy them.

You MUST be totally satisfied with the ROI for MyHotLeads… or you can stop anytime!  


So where’s the catch?  There is no catch. If our leads bring you $2, $4, $6 or more for every $1 you invest in these leads, why would you stop? And if they don’t produce the ROI you want, you won’t want the leads.  Simple.


So remember, the first business in your niche in your market to say “Send those leads to ME” gets ALL the leads… and competitors are out in the cold.


Call My HOT Leads now toll-free 1-888-510-9450 for more information and to get started!