New Business Leads – 100% Exclusive To YOU
Local Lead Generation Without The Risk!

My HOT Leads™ specializes in supplying super HOT Exclusive New Business Leads for local and regional businesses with…

Free New Business Leads

  • NO Contract To Sign

  • NO Upfront Cash

  • NO Sharing Leads-

    100% Exclusively Yours
  • NO Waiting-

    Instant Call Transfers
  • NO Catch- NO Risk!

Every lead is someone inquiring about YOUR specific type of services in YOUR market. And most of these New Business Leads are TELEPHONE inquiries – with the call instantly transferred to your phone so you can engage prospects when they are most interested – they placed the call!

They’re on the phone looking for answers – right NOW!
Convert more hot leads to new business!


My HOT Leads™ Is Available To Only

ONE Business In YOUR Niche In YOUR Market


how-it-worksWe do NOT distribute the leads we develop to anyone else in your market – only to YOU – just continue to pay the mutually-agreed-upon  fee for the qualified leads delivered each week.  Stop any time if your ROI is not making your continued investment profitable.


So the FIRST business like yours to say “Send Those Leads To Me” gets ALL the leads we develop in your market – and all your competitors get shut out.


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We get it…You don’t want to hear about SEO or backlinking… You could care less about keywords or social media or any of the hundreds of strategies to generate new business leads.

All you want are hot leads. You want QUALITY leads looking for YOUR services… in YOUR local area. And you want those leads to be EXCLUSIVELY YOURS… no sharing with your competitors like the megacompanies force you to do. Have YOU been burned buying shared leads? How aggravated and ready to buy were the prospects when YOU were the 4th company to call them that day?


You want YOUR leads so fresh… you can be there to answer the prospects’ questions before they even hang up from their inquiry call. You want leads you don’t have to pay for up front. YOU don’t want to sign an agreement. You just want leads that produce a profitable ROI… or you don’t want to pay for them.


But if these leads are as profitable as we say they are… you want them every week like a machine. And if they stop working… you stop paying. My HOT Leads takes all the risk out of buying leads.


These leads HAVE to work to YOUR satisfaction… or you don’t pay for them. Pretty simple. And absolutely no catch. Every business owner we talk to asks us where’s the catch? But there IS no catch. No money up front… no contract… just pay as you go… BUT you pay ONLY if you’re happy with the leads. That’s how confident we are about the quality of these exclusive new business leads.


Well, actually there IS one catch…We’ll only sell our hot leads to just one business in YOUR niche in YOUR market. So the first business like yours in your market to say ‘Send those leads to ME” gets ALL the leads… and all their competitors get shut out.


So if YOU want to be the one in YOUR market… call us right now…before a competitor does. Call toll-free 888-510-9450 now.


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